Our People

Our People

Values, respect, and opportunities for development are the three main pillars for our relationship with our employees - our Argonauts. Our people are at the very heart of everything we do in Argonaut – they are the soul and heartbeat of what we accomplish as a Company and investment in our people is a direct investment into a higher degree of success. The Company prioritizes hiring nationals from the countries where it operates.

We look to develop and integrate our teams within our Company culture of respect, safety and environmentally responsible mining. We view this as a never-ending, long-term initiative and invest in training and improving our workforce with this in mind.

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2020 Highlights

Local Workforce
at El Castillo Complex
Local Workforce
at La Colorada
Local Workforce
at Florida Canyon
Team Members are Women
at Magino

“When talent, collaboration and passion come together in a team working environment, we achieve successful results.”

Human Capital Director for Mexico