Our Health & Safety

Our Health & Safety

Safety and the well-being of our employees is the top priority for Argonaut Gold. Whether in a corporate office, on a drilling site or an operating mine, safety must always be first on each of our employee’s minds before beginning their daily work. With this as the number one priority, the Company has developed its safety systems by incorporating world class practices and procedures at our local operations. At Argonaut, we strive to constantly improve our safety systems through innovation, new technologies and learned experiences.

The Company values the health of its employees, which is why in addition to prioritizing safety, we also invest in making sure our people have appropriate medical benefits and education with respect to the benefits of proper nutrition and healthy lifestyles.

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2020 Highlights

reduction in LTIFR vs. 2019
at Florida Canyon
reduction of accidents vs. 2019
at San Agustin
reduction in LTIFR vs. 2019
at La Colorada
reduction in LTIFR vs. 2019
at El Castillo

“The health and safety of our workforce remains our number one priority.”

Pete Dougherty, President & CEO