Mission & Vision

Argonaut Gold’s Mission

Our mission is to deliver maximum value from our projects and gold mining operations for all our stakeholders. The management team has a strong history of creating value and will continue to focus on creating value.

Argonaut Gold’s Vision

Create the next quality mid-tier gold producer in the Americas with a production profile between 300,000-500,000 ounces.

We will continue to move towards accomplishing our vision and our mission within our daily operations through our unique values.

  • Value adding consolidation in the gold sector.
  • Seeing value for investing in projects beyond surface analysis, in both the field and the gold mining sector.
  • Exploration and expansion of existing gold mining assets base.
  • Maintain investor involvement in a productive manner.
  • Management will deliver on operational targets while working to exceed expectations.
  • We will operate in a safe, cost efficient manner, while honoring commitments to the environment and communities where we operate.